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Looking for STI Testing Near Me? CLICK HERE NOW! Are you sleeping with more than one person and having unprotected sex? If you are, then the chances of you having a sexually transmitted infection are pretty high. Knowing about and treating an STI early on, can save you some serious long-term health problems and just as importantly, it can stop your passing it on to someone else so not being bothered just 9 excuse. Sexual health centers are often known as dumb clinics, which stands for genitourinary medicine that can be found in hospitals or health centers, which means you really don’t to travel that far to get one. Not only do they offer treatment and tests for STI, but they also offer advice on contraception, such as the morning-after pill and condoms.

Why STI Testing Near Me?

Most clinics offer walk-in times during the week. But if you’re a bit scared about just bowling up, you can speak to your GP or you can call your clinic beforehand to make an appointment to show you just how easy it is. I’M gon na head down to my local gum clinic now to demonstrate a scenario and show you how to get tested, I’m here to get a sexual health test. No, yes, yeah right! The first thing you’ve got to do is to fill out this form and you don’t have to put your real name, but that definitely helps one thing you really have to put down.

There is a contact number, so these guys can text you if they’ve got any results or they can call you if they’ve got any problems. Also explain why you’ve come down here. Helps the team to decide who’s best. To see you don’t forget, everything is confidential, even if you’re under 16 [ Music ] right, I’m in the consultation room. So now I’m going to talk to Lee about getting tested.

Okay, so you filled in that triage form and you’ve indicated that you’ve you’ve got no symptoms and you’re concerned. You’Ve had sex with someone who may have an infection yeah yeah. Okay, have you ever had a sexual health screen before no, you haven’t. Let me just tell you what we’re gon na do. We ask you some questions, some questions about you and your general health and then some more specific questions about the types of sex you’ve been having with who and when a little bit embarrassing.

But please don’t worry about them.

Okay, do you want to just tell me in your own words kind of what’s brought you in today, yeah I started uni last week went to freshers week and managed to have sex with two women, so yeah. I’Ve heard from a may since then that one of them might have an STI okay thought. It was best to come down here anyway and just find out because she might not, but it’s yeah, it’s probably best to get tested. I don’t Comrie see any symptoms at the moment.

Okay, you mentioning young, got any symptoms at all. When we talk about symptoms, what you mean is discharge from the penis, which is like a liquid coming at the top any pain on ejaculation or burning when you’re passing urine or anything else is not normal for you. No, none of that and nothing else does happen or more for you on the skin everything’s fine. As far as you know, no pretty shipshape, brilliant, okay. So the two partners that you mentioned when you did you have sex with them yeah.

It was both in the last weeks, both in the last week, okay and what type of sex was it with them, just standard standard stuff, so joy, I guess: okay, any anal sex or oral sex with either of them. No, no and we didn’t use condom with them no, and was that just kind of heat at the moment, or did you not like using condoms? Usually yeah? It’S fine, just heat at the moment yeah. I know you’ve never come for sexual health pain for testing before, but have you ever been treated for any infection?

STI Testing Near Me

HIV Testing Near Me

No, nobody knows, or one of the tests will offer you today. Reese is an HIV test. Okay. Now, from the point of view of the two partners that you had a week ago, your what’s called within the HIV window period. Okay, so that means you can take up to three months for the virus to show in the blood test from unprotected sex all right.

It’S our standard STI Testing Near Me that we do so if you didn’t want it, you opt out from having it. If you do decide to go ahead and have it, what we recommend for you to do is actually come back and see us in three months time and we’ll repeat that: okay, if you’re on duty, worried we’re nearly there just a few more questions. Okay, we do. What’S called a mini risk assessment on you and it’s kind of for us to decide whether we need to offer you any other testing based on the questions. The answers you give things like hepatitis may be a concern which isn’t one of our standard tests.

STD Questions

Okay, so have you ever injected any drugs at all, no or a partner who may have injected that you know of no okay and we’re also looking at things like snorting, with pipes or tubes or notes for things like cocaine? The only reason we ask those for the hepatitis C risk you can get small particles of blood, so it’d be a risk for their and have you had sex with another male partner? No okay, okay! So what we’re gon na do next is we’re gon na. For STI testoDo a urine sample, okay, that will test for the gonorrhea and the chlamydia okay and we’re gon na take some blood tests from your arm for HIV and Pacifica’s.

Do you have any kind of questions or worries before we can’t? We continue? Is this gon na be like a physical examination, or are you gon na stick something down there or okay? No we’re not going to kind of do any swaps in your penis today, because you don’t have any of the symptoms at all. Okay, the urine test is, is perfectly adequate.

Alright, if you did come to clinic with some discharge, we would have to take a small swab from inside, but it’s nothing like the umbrella stories that you may have heard from years ago. Okay, if there’s no other questions we’ll kind of get on to, I have opted for the HIV test, as I’m here I might as well. Silly is just going to take a quick sample, [ Music ]. Just we can test for chlamydia and gonorrhoea. I just got a penis pop, so I’ll be back in a minute.

Okay roots, we’re almost finished. You’Ve now had your Bloods done. Okay, you’ve done your urine test. Yeah! All that’s left is to complete your text card.

STI Testing Near Me Questionaire

So you actually get your results by text message. All right, so what we do is you’ve got your clinic number on there and I’m gon na ask you just pop your telephone number on the bottom. So your mobile telephone line, yeah yep, now you’ll get your text in a week to ten days time. It will either say to you that all your results are negative. So just to kind of recap: that’s your HIV, syphilis chlamydia and gonorrhea negative means all okay or it’ll.

Ask you to contact the clinic for STI testing near me, remember to quote that clinic number and we can let you know what the problem is. Okay, remember you’re going to come back and see us in kind of three months time to repeat your HIV test. If you’re worried all right and do you need any condoms, while you’re here yeah sure I think about so there you go, it might be a bit embarrassing, being asked questions about your sex life, but getting tested isn’t actually that painful or inconvenient. It’S actually pretty straightforward. Most of the time you don’t even have symptoms, so the only way you’re going to know if you’re in the clear by getting tested.

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