Long COVID symptoms that can severely affect your sexual health. Check 2 signs here

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Three years after the COVID pandemic, although we know a lot about the coronavirus and its behavior, there is still much that is unknown about it, including its long-term effects. Some long-term symptoms of COVID or post-COVID are known to be fatal, such as heart and nerve disease, while others are relatively mild, e.g. fatigue and shortness of breath that improve over time. Now, a new study has revealed that prolonged COVID can also seriously affect our sexual health.

A study that evaluated more than 500,000 people showed that some patients with COVID may suffer from reduced libido and ejaculation problems. Many have also complained of severe hair loss, which directly affects their self-esteem and can even affect their sexual health. The study was published in British Medical Journal (BMJ). Here’s everything you need to know about 2 symptoms that can affect your sexual health:

Low appetite for sex

After infection with COVID, many patients complained of low libido or decreased sexual desire. In such a case, the patient should consult a doctor to know the cause and the course of its treatment.

An open conversation with a partner is also extremely necessary.

Premature ejaculation

This is another symptom that needs attention. Premature ejaculation is a worrying aspect of erectile dysfunction, and experts have pointed out that delayed ejaculation is a problem for men with long-standing Covid.

Again, it is best to consult a doctor first to know if the symptoms are due to COVID and what the course of treatment should be.

What are the most common symptoms of long-term COVID?

Some of the common symptoms of prolonged COVID are fever, fatigue, shortness of breath, cough, chest pain, brain fog, trouble sleeping, muscle pain, palpitations, loss of smell or taste, depression or anxiety.

The WHO has previously announced that the disease can also cause serious disorders such as vasculitis, heart and nerve diseases.

What are the treatments?

If you suffer from these syndromes for a long time, you should immediately consult a doctor, he may prescribe some medication and ask you to do moderate exercise to reduce joint and muscle stiffness.

Even if it hurts, don’t sit still, it will make the whole thing worse. Plan your day carefully and engage in some moderate activities.

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